Curriculum Vitae and Professional Summary
of Gyorgy Csepeli
Professor of Social Psychology

Personal Data

Born: in Budapest, on February 14, 1946


Place of work: Institute of Sociology, Eotvos Lorand University


Administrative Experience


Chair, Department of Social Psychology (1986-2001)

Chair, Department of Cultural Anthropology (2001-)

Poltical State Secretary, Ministry of Informatics and Communication (2002)




1965-69: Eotvos Lorand Science University (ELTE),

Department of Psychology, Department of Russian Literature

Degrees: MA from ELTE (Psychology of Dostoievsky)

PhD from HAS (Social Psychology of Hungarian National Identity)

DSc from HAS (National Identity in Hungary)


Professional Experience:


1971-1982: Assistant Professor of Social Psychology, Institute of

Sociology, ELTE

1982-1991: Associate Professor of Social Psychology, Institute of


1991- Full Professor of Social Psychology, Chair of Department of Social

Psychology at the Institute of Sociology, ELTE

1989-9O: Visiting Fulbright Scholar, Department of Sociology, UCLA

1991 Spring: Dubach Distinguished Professor, Department of Political

Science, Oregon State University

1994-95: Department of Political Science, University of Michigan

1997 Spring: Visiting Professor, Department of Sociology, New School for

Social Research

2000 Spring: Visiting Professor Yale University, Department of Sociology


Teaching Experience


Introductory three semester undergraduate course on Social psychology

Graduate course on Social Psychology of Anti-Semitism in Eastern Europe

Graduate course on Social Psychology and Anthropology of State Socialism

One semester graduate Internet course on Social Psychology

Undergraduate course on Social Psychology of Intergroup Relations

Research seminar on Social Construction of the Nation in Eastern and Central Europe

Research Seminar on Gypsies in Central and Eastern Europe


Professional Societies


1993-94 President of the Hungarian Sociological Association

Editorial Board Membership:


1990-95 International Association of Political Science, RC on Political Education and Socialization, Board member


Editorial Board Membership


Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies

Szociologiai szemle



Sample of Publications




1989 Structures and Contents of Hungarian National Identity. Frankfurt

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1997 Szocialpszichologia. (Social Psychology. Textbook)



1999 Az antiszemita eloitelet. (Anti-Semitic Prejudice) Budapest:Joszoveg (2.edition)


2000 European Nations and Nationalism. Theoretical and historical perspectives. Aldershot:Ashgate (coeditor)


2000 Grappling with National Identity. How nations see each other in Central Europe. Coauthored with A. Örkeny and M. Szekelyi Budapest:Akademiai Kiado


2002 A nagyvilágon e kívül…(Magyar nemzeti tudat-és érzésvilág 1975-2002)

Budapest. Jószöveg




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